50% of the film is completed. the crew still has interviews and performances to film.


the crew is 14 people total and we need to travel through california, new mexico, washington, north dakota, south dakota and new york city. 

our priority is being covid safe and paying everyone. with the grants we've received so far, we're updating equipment and planning our shoots to be safe. 


we've raised $20K so far. we're fundraising to raise $99K, 66% of the budget goes towards compensation. 


in addition to grants, the director is looking for: 


executive producers

support from brands

monetary donations

in–kind donations

please contact to see more information (the budget, synopsis, production outline). 


thank you

for your trust & contributions: Tiara Folsom, Jade Kalikolehuaokalani, Ty Harris, Xac Branch, Megan Branch, Ruthie Fish, Littlebear Sanchez, Mark Lewis, St. Josephs Indian School, Marcus Miramontes, Conor Handley, Carson Dover, Tyler Finnie, Tamara Colaque, Melissa Hill, Kenny Ramos, Sydney Iron Hawk, Numpa Bald Eagle, Amos Cook, Phyllis Bald Eagle, Alexis Hambleton, Damani Respass, Ancient Tears, Nikki Lowe, John Trudell, Sage Trudell, Russell Means, Yvonne Chouteau, Maria Tallchief, Aru Apaza, Michael Elijah Rodriguez, Nelsan Binnie, Alex Olson, Sergio Mejia, Michel Sayegh, Crystal Frank, Kahlil Hudson, Austin Williamson, Isaiah Barr, Woods Legrand, Melvin Guzman, Ben Perreira, Amy Goodman, Lawrence Hinman, Virginia Lewis, Cut Stone Pro.



watch the rough cut

43 minutes


the feature film is 2 hours

to be filmed in 2022*

a collection of interviews interrupted by fantasy worlds of fake commercials, reality tv parodies, animations and archival footage.


WATERTIGHT travels through indian country and big citys, looking at pollution, dreams, mental health, and partying.


its a web connected by the idea that we create our own realities. this film is for freaks.


this is the 1st feature film for award-winning director Fox Maxy (MAAT, Ammodo Tiger short competition winner at iffr 2021).

donate to finish the film:

Thank you for your support!!!