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This movie is a blend of documentary and narrative stories. A collection of interviews about mental health and suicide. WATERTIGHT flips through channels, traveling through indian country and big cities, following people who create their own realities. This film is for freaks.

details on the story

The film jumps back and forth between group interviews and short narrative stories. The narratives are created as collaborations featuring the cast and crew. The interviews are conversations. The storyline is different time periods and landscapes woven together. 

details on the crew

Our crew is 15 people, artists of all kinds. In order to finish this film, we're traveling to

california, new mexico, new york city, washington, idaho, north dakota and south dakota. Our priority is health, safety & making sure everyone who contributes to the film gets compensated. 

we're looking for:

✧  help getting the word out

✧  opportunities to feature artists, writers, producers, fashion brands, small businesses

✧  in–kind donations

✧  monetary donations, any $ helps

donations $100 and over earn producer credit + a gift during the movie's release

fundraising needs

We're fundraising to pay people, update equipment, secure lodging, food and travel arrangements. 63% of the budget is for compensation. We're grateful for all the support. So far we've raised 40% of our goal through grants, fellowships, social media and screening fees.

production stage

We're in pre-production. 50% of the film is done, filmed and edited already. This is the 1st feature film for award winning director Fox Maxy (Ammodo Tiger Short Award). In the last year WATERTIGHT's had huge support. We received the Sundance Institute's Documentary Film Program (DFP).

rough cut

to view a rough cut of the film, please contact the team for the password. 


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Adam Piron, Adam Kahlil, Sky Hopinka, Alex Lazarowich, Virginia Lewis, Lawrence Hinman, Cut Stone Pro, Isaiah Barr, Woods Legrand, Melvin Guzman, Ben Perreira, Amy Goodman, IFFR Rotterdam, BlackStar,  BAM CinemaFest, Mala Forever, COUSIN Collective, Sundance Institute