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"san diego"

32 minutes


this is a preview. contact to watch the full film.

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Diegueno/Kumeyaay Territory, Luiseno/Payomkawichum territory, Lakota Territory, Kumeyaay Territory, Payomkawichum territory, Tataviam Territory, Pomo Territory, Tongva Territory, Kwatsan Territory, Unicorn Riot, 7th Generation Rises, North Dakota Highway Patrol Cameras, The Department of Anthropology at University of Berkeley, Orgone Archive, Grand Theft Auto, & the Freedom of Information Act.


Mato Wayuhi 

Tiara Folsom 

Chanse Zavalla 

Adriana Rosa 

Maria Tinajero 

Claudette White 

Littlebear Sanchez 

Julien Passajou 

Ernie Philip

altered sounds

Dolly Parton 
Tlatoani P 
Zipaktli the Illagator 
Bearhead Sisters 
Caleb Giles 
DJ Michel 
Kwatsan Indian Reservation Bird Singers

Ancient Tears


American Film Institute (AFI) Docs, 2020

Camden International Film Festival (CIFF), 2020 

ImagineNATIVE Film Festival, 2020

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), 2020