30 minutes


this is a preview. contact if you would like to watch the full film.

thank you to the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) for giving this film it's world premiere in feb 2021 & the Ammodo Tiger Short Award!!!

thank you

Diegueno/Kumeyaay Territory, Luiseno/Payomkawichum territory, Tongva Territory, Tatavium Territory, Chumash Territory, Cochiti Pueblo territory, Diné/Navajo Territory, Tewa Territory, Jicarilla Apache Territory, Ute Territory, Ohlone Territory, Lenapehoking Territory, Cahuilla Territory, Arapaho Territory, Blackfeet Territory, Shoshone Territory.

L Frank Manriquez (Tongva & Ajachmem) via the california museum, 2011.

Jocelyn Wabano-Iahtail (Attawapiskat First Nation) via Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls (MMIWG) Inquiry, 2017.

Haunani-Kay Trask (Hawaiian) via Kaho'olawe video archive, 'Iolani Palace, 1982.

Alcatraz, November 2019, Indigenous Peoples Day sunrise gathering (Unthanksgiving) speakers, singers, dancers, veterans, water/land protectors, community leaders. 

ancient aliens: the third eye, season 11, the octopus from outer space, season 12, Underwater worlds, season 2. 

democracy now: incarcerated firefighters in california make $1/hr, 2018.

nbc news: california on fire, female inmates fighting the blazes, 2017.

Washington post: firefighters work to contain apple fire in california, 2020.

Canyon De Chelly Through Navajo Eyes, 2016 on youtube.

Bree Katawaisiw via facebook video "Chapan giving baby shit in Cree", 2020 post from 2020. 

travel deep inside a leaf video via california academy of sciences.

octopus intelligence experiment takes an unexpected turn on YouTube.

over wyoming by pbs on youtube.

Kumeyaay National rally for new laws to protect sacred land, fox news, 2020. 

3d fractal trip weird planet by bib993 on youtube.

second life, sims, grand theft auto screen recordings.

man climbs over trumps border wall, now this news, 2019. 


Sergio Mejia

Ty Harris

Tlatoani P

Jazzy Romero

Jezenia Romero

Madia Goods

Ruthie Fish

Michel Sayegh

Jocelyn Silver

Patricia Machado Medici

Aine Vonnegut

Morgan Connellee

Somer Stampley

Suavitel Paper

Milah Libin

Dizzy Magazine

Nizhonni Luxi Austin

altered sounds

Stelvio Cipriani, Mary's theme

2Pac, Papa'z song

This painted world, silk rhodes

Alcatraz 2019 sounds: thank you for allowing us to record, edited by DJ Michel

Chingy, Pullin Me Back

recording: gas station in Santo Domingo, new mexico

Burnt Boy, Alarm Clock

Smokey Robinson, Theme from Love Story

Chynna, Asmr

Tlatoani P,  Onca Parda

recording: raven in Los Angeles, ca 


Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), 2020

Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) Land Back Program, 2020

Northwestern University, Block Cinema, Center for Native American

& Indigenous Research, 2020 

Hammer Museum "Made in LA" Show, 2021