"california girls"

8 minutes



(Chemehuevi, Konkow & Nisenan)


Tiffany's work includes painting, traditional jewelry, regalia-making and performance art. 

congrats to Tiffany on her new position as Vice Chairwoman of the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe.


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1st AC

Littlebear Sanchez (Lakota)  instagram

2nd AC

Michael Begay (Navajo & Santo Domingo)  instagram

thank you

to Chemehuevi Territory, Maidu Territory, Nisenan Territory, Ohlone Territory, Tongva Territory, Payomkawichum Territory, Kumeyaay Territory, Tewa Territory, the Institute of American Indian Arts.


in addition to Tiffany, thank you to the following people I received inspiration and traditional knowledge from, in order to make this film: L. Frank Martinez (Tongva & Ajachmem) and Melissa Hill (Kumeyaay, Seneca & Diné).

altered sounds

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Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Alisa

Solange Knowles, Weary

Beach House, Last Ride

Ariel Pink, Feels Like Heaven


Sociall Relevant Film Festival, NYC, 2019

Bowery Film Festival, NYC, 2019

Northwestern University, Block Cinema, Center for Native American

& Indigenous Research, 2020


Vanya Exerjian Empowering Women & Girls AWard